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When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read the line of a poem twice.
— Robert Frank

It all started when...

My father gave me a vintage Nikon film camera when I turned thirteen. His father had given it to him on his thirteenth birthday. No, I'm just kidding. That's not how I got into photography. I don't have as cool of a story. There was a bit more soul searching involved in mine.

I've always been passionate about creating and telling a story, but I had a difficult time finding the right outlet for it. When I was in the fifth grade I would draw comic strips for my friends and I loved seeing the joy they would get out of reading them. Later in life that outlet for expression became dance. I was so captivated with the art of movement and how a person could say so much without saying a word. I believe my time as a dancer had a lot of influence on why photography is now my medium for creating and story telling. Photos trigger emotions and memories like nothing else in this world has the power to do. 

Back when I was dancing, there was a saying that really stuck with me. It goes, "when you dance for the wrong reasons, it shows". I believe that transcends dance and to all forms of art. I'm lucky to have found photography, to love what I do, and that love is evident in all of the content I create.


Let's go on an adventure, let's make art, let's work together.